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Our Mission and

Why We Do It

Since we began operations in 1996, VisuaScan has been dedicated to helping operations overcome the challenges of a highly competitive and cost-driven industry. As demands increase, and margins shrink, businesses are constantly under pressure to improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce error and improve quality of service.

To that end, VisuaScan provides the systems and expertise needed to satisfy these demands:

  • Automate Manufacturing and Distribution functions

  • More lines picked per person per day

  • More on-time deliveries

  • Fewer miss-picks

  • Higher throughput and better storage utilization

  • Improved stock visibility and availability

  • Speed operations through improved batch or serial number tracking

  • Streamline production through improved scheduling

  • Improve quality and reduce defect rates

  • Reduce costs and improve bottom line results

What's new !

How We Do It

VisuaScan’s highly trained and dedicated team includes field sales professionals, inside customer service support personnel, systems integration and technical product specialists, professional trainers and engineers.

More than just hardware and software resellers, we help plan, supply, assemble, develop and implement. We help our customers turn challenges and problems into opportunities by helping you identify your needs, aligning them with the appropriate technology and developing a solution that's right for you. In addition to experienced sales and customer service, our technical department is staffed by very experienced industry veterans, supported by our engineering group.

We use a systematic and proven problem solving and implementation approach to deliver the most appropriate technology and effective support programs for your organization. Our expertise is recognized by leading consultants such as CGI and KOM.

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