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Medias and consummables

As a label manufacturer primarily for thermal printers, we offer a full line of labels to help you get top printing performance every time. From the hundreds of materials and possible combinations, our experienced sales and support staff will recommend the type of material and type of adhesive that will best meet your needs.


Everyone's needs are different and we certainly have a solution for you.
Who says label for thermal transfer printer, also says transfer ribbon and Visuascan is no slouch on this subject. The wrong label / ribbon combination can cause multiple problems, including poor print quality or poor rub resistance. We maintain in inventory multiple wax, wax / resin and resin type ribbons that adapt to your printer and that will meet your needs.


We produce in large quantities and stock the most popular label formats. This translates for you into big price savings but above all, a delivery time in less than 48 hours for these formats. If you have ever had to wait several days for your labels to be received in order to ship your products, you will appreciate the opportunity to get prompt delivery.

Our range of labels also extends to color labels. A label with your company logo in full color on your boxes will have a much better impact than a simple black and white print.



Consult us, we have plenty of ideas to share with you.

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