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Laser Etching

Key benefits of Laser Coders over other manufacturing printing solutions include:

  • Zero consumables

  • Full touch-screen control

  • Low maintenance

  • Any-orientation 3-axis coding

  • Static marking capability

  • Code logos, barcodes, data matrix & more

Linx laser coders provide an affordable and reliable solution compared to other coding and marking products on the market backed up by our leading product advice and support team.

Choosing the best Laser Coder

Choosing the correct laser marking solution for your product is critical, as well as selecting the right type of laser, either fibre or CO2. Linx always recommends that we run sample marking for your product material or substrate based on your line speed to ensure that the correct wattage of laser is selected for your marking application.

As a reputable installer, Linx also provide safety advice for use of lasers in the workplace such us protective guarding and fume extraction depending on your coding substrate.

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