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VisuaScan has inks to mark on a wide variety of porous and non-porous surfaces for all types of low resolution and high resolution marking systems. 

We stock all the types of inks you require for your operations: Water/Dye Alcohol/Dye Alcohol/Pigment MEK/Dye Oil/Dye Choose from a full-range of general purpose inks in several colors including a high-performance, odor-free alternative for MEK-based inks.

We also offer a wide variety of inks, formulated for specific surfaces like PVC, plastic, glass and metal. Other special-purpose inks include food-grade for food and pharmaceuticals, pigmented for dark surfaces, alkali-removable for temporary coding, UV-readable for security coding, and thermochromic for temperature-sensitive color change. We also stock: Stencil inks Marking inks Blockout inks Siphon-Flo® inks for the flat-clamp duplicator P Series ink for the rocker model duplicator


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