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Le Mirage, August 27, 2014

In the branding world, things sometimes need to change with the times. I’m here to tell you about the logo change that’s happening at Visuascan.Our original logo was developed in 1996. Now that might not seem that long ago, but the marketplace had transformed considerably since then – and our logo is changing to reflect that.

We believe that our new logo will give us an edge over the competition. It will do a better job of conveying our core messages and showcasing our brand more accurately. But we also believed it was important to stay true to our roots. That’s why we made sure our logo continues to represent our core values and vision, while creating a lasting impression for you, our customers.

So here’s what we did – and what we didn’t change.


The original logo was developed to represent the barcode scanning industry. The idea was to show our commitment to keeping an eye on our customers’ operations. The eye is a strong concept. And the Visuascan name is equally important. So what we did here was create an abstract model of the original. In other words, we kept the essence of the original logo and refreshed it. The result is an image that represents what we truly are: strong, approachable and committed to our customers’ needs.

Colors are especially important when it comes to brands. In fact here’s something you may not know: 80% of consumers believe that color increases brand recognition. So here’s why we decided to keep to the original red and blue. Red stands out. It grabs attention and stimulates the mind. It’s strong, friendly and simplistic - all qualities that Visuascan brings to our customers. Blue represents intellectual ability. It fosters trust and efficiency, as well as represents clear communication. Those are competencies that our customers crave.

As far as the symbol goes, the lines refer to a 2D barcode, while the circular shape maintains the idea of an eye. The triangular white space represents brilliance. By offsetting the logo on an angle we show that we are progressive and leading edge in our thinking. Last but not least, the font is strong. The square shape complements the circular icon, while reflecting the solidity of a warehouse.

As I said earlier, this revitalized logo is way to strengthen our competitive position in the marketplace, increase brand recognition and keep our core messaging strong. It’s just one building block on our path to future success – but an important one. Thank you to our entire customer base and valued partners that have contributed to our success over the last 18 years.


Carmine Marcarella
Visuascan Inc.


(855) 690-5452